Monday, December 22, 2008

Riverton High School

I heard about this story while visiting another ward this last Sunday. During Relief Society one of the women shared her thoughts on Riverton High School raising over $83,000 for a charity. This woman is a lunch lady at the school so I believe that she had her facts straight when she made these comments. One morning the school asked the students to give whatever they could just that day (I imagine it was sort of an off hand collection), right then and there. In one day the STUDENTS alone contributed $9,000. Apparently last year the school had raised around $80,000. This year they weren't expecting to hit that number considering the current economic standing, so they were beyong surprised when they exceeded the previous year's amount.

You can see the story that KSL news did on it here. I've also posted the video below. It's only a couple of minutes long but I think it's so incredible.

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