Monday, December 22, 2008

Did I Ever?

DISCLAIMER: I do not feel bad for posting the following pictures of some home improvement. This room happens to be mainly finished. I just have to do some touch ups on the paint and hang some stuff. After reading my first comment (thank you Amber) I feel the need to clear one major thing up. Privacy is so NOT an issue in that room. Between the 10 ft. fence in our backyard and two big campers bordering us on the east and west, I was fairly certain no one was looking in.

I'm thinking that I never posting about the blinds that were finally put up in our family room. Thanks to a couple of, now, expert pair of hands I have the ability to make it shaded or brighter than the sun in our family room. This is a huge improvement from the constant state of brighter than the sun option. I assure you, I love these blinds!

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers hug. Alright, they put up blinds together... I'm not sure I've ever seen Matt hug any of his brothers. And I'm fairly certain I've only seen my own brothers hug when it involved something mission related. MTC, airport, you get it?
And here's the finished product. Ah, four sets of ridiculously heavy blinds all installed and ready for my enjoyment. And now I don't have to feel bad every time Leah goes into the room when it is bright. She used to say, "Mommy it's too bright," while covering her eyes.

What was that? You wanted a slightly closer look at those awesome blinds? Okay, I happen to have just the picture...

Oh and here are the icicles that are lining the room of my house right outside these nicely blinded windows. Because of the blinds I didn't even notice the icicles until today. And I do love a good icicle.


Amber said...

Great Job Boys! That was the first thing we did when we moved in! There was no wy I was living in the house without blinds-who knows who may be watching you!

Lindsay Quinney said...

I love your blinds. They do look wonderful!! I love that my husband is so handy!

Tanah said...

It looks great!

Shawna said...

About the hugging... Now I'm a little worried, Dave and his brothers hug every time they see each other, should I be worried?

great blinds by the way.