Monday, November 24, 2008

Catch Up

Sort of. There's not really much to catch up on, but here are some fun things I've learned in the last little while.


I took Leah in to get her haircut about a week ago. Definitely a cute style, but a terrible experience.

After looking at the chair she would sit in, Leah jumped back into my arms and climbed up my chest. She ended up with her knees on my shoulders. Oh and there was a lot of screaming too, A LOT! Of course as soon as we left the building Leah stated, "I like a new haircut!" As if I hadn't just finished holding her down in the chair while immobilizing her head. Ha!
She does look adorable though.

I enjoy raking leaves. It's relaxing and terribly rewarding. I also learned some new things about our house.

Thing one: I found a bird's nest in our front yard aspen tree. No birds, of course, but I liked the idea that some cute little birds enjoyed that tree as much as I do. Maybe they'll come back to it in the spring.
Thing two: We have a raspberry bush in our front yard! Woo Hoo! You cannot imagine the joy I felt at finding that plant. Oh yes, and all those delicious looking raspberries you see - GONE! I love love love fresh raspberries.

Thing three: I also have a pine tree or something (it looks more pine BEARING to me than anything) in our front yard. To keep or not to keep, that is the question. I probably won't keep it, I don't think it will look good there all alone after I rip out the rose bushes in the spring.

Thing four: I still have all of this to rake. (Deep breaths) I know, I know I better get to it... it's supposed to rain this week.


Snell Family said...

Wow, that's a lot of leaves. I also enjoy raking although after all of those leaves I might not like it as much.

Tracy said...

What a beautiful picture of Leah! I love it. Her haircut really is adorable--cute in back too.

Amber said...

Yuck I hate yard work, any sort! Have fun raking! Leahs hair is way cute! And thanks for coming today, it meant a lot!

Carl and Steph said...

I love raking leaves, especially the smell!

Shawna said...

We raked leaves today too, it wasn't to bad we waited this long on purpose I didn't want to rake multiple times. Now that Dave will have more normal hours we would love to come by and see your house, it looks very cute in the pictures!