Friday, September 12, 2008

Please pardon the excessive use of parenthetical statements in the following post. They are, most likely, used incorrectly.

These are the shiny new (to us) keys that go to our new (to us) house! We probably won't be moving in until the end of the month but it's going to be fun to clean it (not really, I don't like cleaning other people's dirt) and paint before we move in.

Matt, Leah and I went to visit the house last night and despite the massive amounts of garbage the previous owners left for us (lame, lame, lame) we were really excited to be in OUR HOUSE (in the middle of our street, our house).

Along with the purchase of the house, of course, comes the purchase of many other things. We're going to need a fridge, lawnmower, lots of paint, a few light fixtures, blinds (it's weird that I didn't notice the complete absence of blinds on most all of the windows before we put an offer in), and lots of other small housewares. It's going to be a lot, but Matt and I remain excited if not a little overwhelmed.

Oh and have I ever mentioned that I don't know how to decorate? Yeah, I'm going to needs lots of help in that department. Tracy? Lisa? Any takers? I'm sure I've boasted many times before of the ridiculous amount of talent my sister's posses in this department. Am I buttering you two up at all? If not, let me go on. Tracy, Leah thinks that her Prince Charming figurine (from Cinderella) is Rick. You obviously have good taste, you married a Prince Charming look-a-like. She has aptly named him so. Lisa, you know how my daughter loves you probably as much as she loves me? Please, let me know if you need more buttering... I've got loads more.


Katy said...


Carl and Steph said...

Again, YEA for new houses! Now the "real" fun begins!
I know I felt like I had to have EVERYTHING the day we moved into our homes. Mom and Dad's house was filled with all the necessary items (I thought). And then I realized, it took them YEARS to acculumate all that stuff. What I'm saying is, it's okay if all the walls aren't decorated exactly how you imagine it now, and it's okay if you'd REALLY like a console table for the entrance, but four months later, you still don't have one, and it doesn't look like you're getting one anytime soon. No one expects (or should expect) anyones house to be "put together" and finshed, ever. Unless you have Martha Stewart as a personal assistant.
So, with that, have fun picking and choosing new lighting, blinds and mulling over minute details that no one else will ever notice! We sure did!

Sarah said...

How exciting! Not so much the part about all the little details and random expenses that come with it, but it's still pretty cool having your own house! I agree with the previous commentor...a totally decorated/equipped/furnished home never really happens. Unless you have an unlimited budget, I suppose.
Good luck cleaning and getting the house ready! I wish we'd had a few weeks to do that! The movers were less than an hour behind me, so I only had time to clean out the alcoholic beverages, old chocolate and other randoms from the fridge and tear down the moldy shower curtain before thy came.

Jess and Broadie said...

Congratulations!! We just bought our first house too and come to find out they are a lot of work and the projects NEVER END!! REALLY!!! But it is so much fun and so nice to be in your own home!! I am really excited for you guys!

Marci said...

CONGRATS!!!!! Oh man, I am so happy for you, and such a cute house! I hope you put up more pictures (garbage and all). I can't wait to move into a house and it makes me so happy everytime I hear of someone who has!

Tracy said...

Prince Charming...dare I tell that to Rick? OF COURSE I'd love to help you put things together! Truly. You know how much satisfaction I glean from doing things like that! So...when can I see the inside (and get the creative wheels rolling?) We're excited for you guys. :)

Lisa said...
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Amber said...

Those are some good lookin keys! Decorating and painting is the fun part! That's what really makes the house yours! I got some painting under my belt, so if you need help let me know! We had this conversation the other day, but it takes years to get things how you want them! Even though I wish that I could buy it all now!