Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'd Say That's A Goose Egg!

Doesn't it just seem like a lovely day to play a friendly game of football?


Oh, I sort of feel bad for the guys. They don't even know what's coming. Sad.
Look, I'm over it! Shall we see some touchdowns? Okay.

Here's one of the touchdowns.

Oh, and here's another touchdown. I especially love Max Hall at the top.
I'd like to now show some of UCLA's touchdowns. Hmm, they didn't score any, so... onto the kicking!

I don't know who #42 Blue is, but he blocked the kick... and UCLA remains scoreless.
That's enough of the UCLA highlights.

Alright, I'll be fair, one more for UCLA.
This field goal wasn't blocked, but the kicker still missed it.

Shall we go over some of the stats? I knew you'd want to! Total Plays: BYU 85, UCLA 55; First downs: BYU 30, UCLA 13; Passing Yards: BYU 337, UCLA 230, Rushing Yards: BYU 184, UCLA 9 (ouch!).
That adds to a final score of BYU 59 - UCLA 0

Do you feel bad for them as well? I know, it's pretty sad. That poor PAC 10 team.

Oh, you want one more touchdown? Fine...


Nicole said...

It has nothing to due with the fact that I am a Ute fan but I DO feel bad for UCLA. I feel bad for any team that doesn't score at all when the other teams scores like crazy. Okay, I only feel alittle bad beacuse BYU does deserve that kind of attention.

Carl and Steph said...

A W for the blue means happy hubby for you!!! (and me!)

Andrew said...

Sweet blog, LOVE IT!!!! THanks for the memoris it wa a lovely weekend :)