Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In The Meantime

This post will remain pictureless as it is coming from the internet at the libaray. Hopefully we will get the internet up and running from our house tomorrow (between 1 and 5 of course) and then I can entertain you will some photos. Until then, please humor me and read on.

The move this weekend went ridiculously smooth. We got the truck at 9 AM, started packing by 9:30, had everything loaded by 10:30, drove out to the house and by 11:45 everything was inside and in it's place.

To my knowledge, nothing has been broken or even damaged. A huge thanks to give out to all of our family and friends who were able to help us with everything. These duties ranged from decorating, to fridge waiting, to Leah distraction and everything in between. Matt and I felt so supported during this whole thing. We couldn't have asked for more.

As a side note Matt and I went to our second Sunday in the new ward. This is the first ward we've been in that hasn't had ANY apartments. Wow! It's a totally different feel. We've felt so welcomed and are so overwhelmed by how excited people are to have us there. This last Sunday we spoke with the Bishop and he seems like such a nice man. The ward has a huge nursery and youth program but a smaller primary with only 30 kids (although that's big for us).

So, stay tuned for more pictures. Hopefully I'll get some up tomorrow or Thursday. I know you're waiting so anxiously...

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Amber said...

I'm glad that you are all moved, now let the unpacking and organizing begin!