Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Rant... ish

How long have I been shaving my legs? Uh, since 5th grade! So I've been doing this for a few years, right? Then why do I still feel like such a novice? Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it seems that I can go months and months and months without getting a shaving knick and then it all happens at once. Months of no mistakes pile up into a two day period where all I can do while shaving my legs is to knick them. I'm counting 7 just from today. 7! And that's on top of the three from yesterday. Does this happen to anyone else? My razor isn't even new... or old. It's about 2 weeks old, which I happen to think is the perfect blade sharpness/dullness.

Oh and while I'm ranting: why do I have the name TJ Hooshmenzada stuck in my head? I know he plays for the NFL but I don't know what position or for which team. I'm not a football nut (I enjoy it, but not enough to know small details such as these) why is his name even floating around in my head?

All right, I have to figure it out.


This is the guy. TJ Houshmandzadeh (spelled correctly this time), uh what a pain that name is. Sort of an ugly bugger, huh. Oh and he's a wide receiver for the Bengals. I still don't know why his name was in my head (was he was drafted early in Matt's Fantasy Football league?), but maybe now that I've figured out what he plays I can put this issue to rest.


Sarah said...

Sorry about the shaving experience...that is kind of random. Equally as random is that name in your head. I get that too sometimes.

Amber said...

Use the Venus Embrace Razor it is the best razor ever! It is really smooth. Be careful not to get your cuts infected that is how my leg thing happened where I had all the sores!

Marci said...

Sorry about the shaving thing, I here ya on how long it has been since I started shaving. I actually look at my girls and think, it is only a matter of time... (okay like 6 years but time flies when you're having fun).
As far as the name goes, it happens to me, I fall asleep many nights to Danny watching sports center....

Tracy said...

I just wish I could get the wispie blond hairs on my knees...they elude the razor every time. Drives me nuts. At least they're blond.