Monday, August 11, 2008

Long Awaited

For those of you who were waiting, with baited breath I'm sure, here are the pictures from Matt's birthday. It was a little weird to be celebrating so late in the day (9 PM - lame) but Matt had important meetings for work he had to attend. Right, important. I kept Leah up later than usual so we could all celebrate together.

The birthday chair/couch. Oh, only two lonely presents. I hope Matt's impressed with quality versus quantity. Ooooh, what's in that mysterious present marked "Please Leave Me Standing"

The birthday pie. Mmmm, banana cream.

And here they are. Woo Hoo! Matt got an Ipod for his birthday as well as a sushi making kit. The kit had to be left standing or the sauces would have leaked out. Anyone want to come over for some experimental sushi?

Enough of Matt's birthday. Here is something else that was long awaited. Getting my carpets cleaned. Once again Matt and I piled most of furniture into the kitchen and dining room so our carpets could receive some much needed deep cleaning.

The next morning Leah woke up to an empty family room and an overcrowded kitchen. She thought all of this was hilarious. After we got ready for the day I found Leah cuddled up here:
A slice of turkey in one hand and book in the other; oh and did you notice her blanket? Yeah, it's really our rug.


Amber said...

I can sleep now-thanks for telling me what it was! I am glad that Matt had a great bday. As for sushi-I'm not up for fish and I've actually never tried sushi. But if it can be veggie sushi than I'll try it.

Sarah said...

I'd be happy with those presents! Definately quality.
That's hilarious about Leah snacking on turkey in the jumbled furniture with a rug over her. I'm glad you could get your carpets cleaned again. That's certainly a nice perk to living in an apartment!

Miller Fam said...

Happy Birthday Matt. We will not be partaking of the suchi until you have mastered it, nothing personal. I love Leah!! Zach likes to use the Twister mat as a blanket!? (weird)