Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Bees

Saturday evening Utah First hosted a summer BBQ for the entire company. We were all invited to have dinner at Franklin Covey Field and watch a Bees game.

There was a moon bounce right by our picnic area so Matt and I thought we would try to get Leah in it (she's chickened out so many times before). This time we were pleasantly surprised as she hopped on in and started bouncing all by herself. I think we can thank my sister's trampoline for Leah's latest show of courage.

There were big kids bouncing everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And usually on top of Leah. But she was a trooper and just kept laughing.

The baseball game was, well, less than exciting. I'm not a baseball fan anyway but we were outside in the cool evening air and I couldn't bring myself to be anywhere but where we were.
Here's some dude pitching. From what I watched he was having a pretty awful night.

At some point Leah thought it would be fun to smother her daddy with MISSES (kisses). I thought this picture was too sweet.

We also got to see a rainbow. This was right across from our seats in the stadium. I watched it more than I watched the game.

Matt and I finally decided in the fifth inning that it was time to leave, the game was that boring. Leah became absolutely attached to this lunch bag that the stadium was giving out. I think she looks a little bit like a panhandler.

And now she's entertaining for money.


Amber said...

That is such an adorable picture of Matt and Leah, you have to frame that! And what have you been teaching that little girl?

Nicole said...

I would definitely give her money if I saw her entertaining on the street!

Busty LaRue said...

She is so cute! But please tell me, how do you keep her from running into the street? That is our biggest problem with our little one. The street just looks like too much fun!