Monday, August 18, 2008

It Starts

This last Saturday was a major day for me.

I bought my first dressup.

Alright girls (I would apologize for not including the boys but I doubt very many boys read this blog. I think my husband and John are it - and I don't think even John reads it that often. Nonetheless my apologies to not including boys in this post)! Didn't we all love playing dressups as children? Don't we all sort of love playing dressup now? What is a wedding dress if not an elaborate array of clothing meant to inspire? Prom, homecoming, any formal event? Yes, now we're all on the same page.

Growing up my mom, who has always had loads of access to fabric, would bring home scrap fabric. Some of these pieces were spandex-y, some were short, some were long, some were usual colors but mostly they were unusual colors. My mom piled them all into The Dressup Box.

Enter Lisa

My sister Lisa has a way with things. I like to call her The Pied Piper of McGeesville (alright I've never called her that). Lisa can make things do exactly what she wants. And this girl has vision. Give her a challenge and Lisa will produce. Be it hair, flowers, music, or a little sister who doesn't have a clue about any of it. In this case Lisa could make beautiful dresses out of scraps of fabric. She would tie, pin, tuck, and drape the fabrics my mom brought home into the most beautiful and creative dresses for us to wear.

I remember on multiple occasions dragging the dressup box out and Lisa would just go to work. Each dress was unique and Megan, Katie and I loved them each and every time. I can also recall going to a friend's house when I was younger and she pulled her dressup box out. I didn't even know what I was looking at! Actual dresses? What? It totally threw me for a loop. There may have been a small part of me that wished we had real dresses in our dressup box after that (besides the ones my mom had kept from the 70's). But some of my favorite memories growing up were of Lisa making dresses for us.

So it's time to pass the torch. I've always wanted Leah to have dressups, but I had it somewhere in my mind that they had to be real dressups. Actual dresses, with actual purposes. Then the other day it clicked. Duh! Just start buying fabric. I went to WalMart to look through there $1 fabrics and found some awesome starters.

As I was picking the fabrics out Leah was beside herself with excitement. She kept saying, "Oh TUTE," and, "It's DIDIFUL" (cute and beautiful). I'm really excited for her to play with them.

Some of it's stretchy some of it's satiny and some of it is just plain strange... but I hope that we'll keep adding to it here and there.

Lisa, would you like to come over and play? Leah won't look cute in any of this without your expert draping technique.
And where on earth is the original Dress Up Box?


Marci said...

I love that you grew up without "real" dresses! My girls haven't had real dresses just a mix and match of hats gloves old ballet pieces parts casts off from swimsuit cover ups and blankets. It's nice to hear you loved it that way I have wondered if they are missing out. They had a little friend come over one day (who owns about 15 "real" dress ups) and she didn't know what to do with our stuff. I am grateful my kids can use their imaginations, good for you for passing on the torch!

Tracy said...

Being so much older than you guys, I was never part of the creative Lisa dressup scene, though I do remember it was amazing. Me and MY sister (Aaron) also loved dressing up in mom's 70's dresses and jewelry. Aaron was surprisingly good at being my ugly stepsister and I always let him turn into the prince as the story progressed. He was very versatile. I love that Leah has imagination dressups now. I can just hear her saying how 'tute' and 'didiful' she is.

Sarah said...

Aww! Good for you! I think your imaginative dressups sound way more magical than any "real" dresses. That will be so much fun for Leah.

Jason and Lisa said...

You are so nice to think all my "creations" were so wonderful, but if I have be honest a few turned out good. We sure had great imaginations though. As for the original dress up box, its still in mom's basement. Mckenzie and I get it out occasionally and it brings me back to the days that we had so much fun. We would love to come and play with Leah and her new dress ups sometime. It would be weird if I just came over (without Mckenzie) to play with Leah. It's a good thing I have a daughter her age...

TYler said...

Add another guy to your list of those who read - I give myself one day a week to catch up on everyone's blog. I like yours cause you actually update it, maybe Lisa could teach you how to make dresses, and you could teach her how to update her blog.