Friday, July 25, 2008

Um, I Just Finished Getting Ready For The Day And It's 2:30 PM

Matt, Leah and I have had some great times in the last little while. We have some great friends and some wonderful family that keep up going and keep our lives interesting. This is what's been going on lately.

I love babysitting for my family. On this particular day my sister was up at Girls Camp and her husband needed to work. Well, taking all five of her kids probably would have been a little too taxing on my apartment so I had three of them. Maddie, Fisher, and Logan came over for a fun day while the two older boys went to my brother's house. We had such a fun day. Maddie was a HUGE help and I probably wouldn't have been able to pull the day off without her. What a wonderful 9 year old! Fisher and Leah almost always play well together and Logan slept almost the entire day.

This night we went over the The Gillespies house for dinner and cheesecake and much to my surprise a little 4 Wheeling. Amber and Chris have a 4 wheeler and Amber let us take it for a spin around their neighborhood. As you can see in the pictures it was pretty dusky outside, so I'm sure we didn't make friends with any of their neighbors, but we all had a blast.

Matt, Leah and I really enjoy hanging out with all of our friends and The Millers are no exception. Their 2 boys are so good to play with Leah and Gabby is just a little spitfire. Somehow she didn't make it into any of these pictures, I think she was asleep.

On Tuesday The McGee's welcomed the newest member of the family. Lisa had her beautiful baby boy that afternoon. He really is adorable and Mckenzie is going to be a wonderful big sister.

We kicked off Pioneer Day with Matt's family and a trip downtown. We went to the Clarke Planetarium and later played in the fountains at The Gateway (which Leah would have NOTHING to do with). Matt and I had lunner (lunch/dinner) at The Happy Sumo, a sushi place at The Gateway. It was delicious! Seriously, that was some awesome sushi.

And this is how we ended the day. Fireworks at The Portreys with homemade ice cream and cookies. Everyone had a great night jumping on the trampoline, eating yummy snacks, and of course watching and naming the fireworks (minus Leah who ALSO hates fireworks- unless she's on her grandpa's lap).


Katy said...

Mel... CUTE SCRAPPING!! I love it.

Michelle said...

You've been pretty busy... and it all looks like you've had SUPER fun!! =) The pics and the scrap booking pages look AMAZING!! =)

Amber said...

What a crazy month you have had. I am glad that I could be a part of it! I am really loving the cute scrapbooking pages, you have to teach me!

Jason and Lisa said...

Hi Melanie!
Man, if I had known you had such a busy July, I wouldn't have had the baby! Ü Good job on the pictures! It looks like you have had fun. I want those pictures of Tucker (As if I don't have enough already). good Job though.

millerfam said...

Love the new background and the scrap pages looks great. The boys love playing with Leah, the three of them in the water were cute.

I can't read this word verification font it reminds me of something!

Tracy said...

Cute post. Why won't Logan sleep nearly the entire afternoon at his own house?? I guess I would miss him if he did... Thanks for the help that day. :)