Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Follow Up

My previous post about Picking Up My Brain requires a little follow up. Alright, it doesn't require it, but I'm going to anyway.

So awesome. Seriously, so awesome. Nothing I say will really give this awesome movie the awesome accolades it deserves. So awesome.

Matt and I have decided to phase out the fish. Problem isn't keeping the tank clean and Rosie just wasn't our favorite of the three glowfish we bought. It's sad to think that Leah will be losing some of her friends, but we're just getting sick of the tank. It's yucky. See my next post for more details.

Thanks to my friend, April, I have officially worked out 5 out of 5 days that we goaled for. I love the elliptical. And I totally give all the credit for me working out five days to April. I wouldn't get my behind out of bed at 7:00 AM (I know, really early huh... I'm just lazy) just to work out if I didn't know she was going to meet me there.


Jon and Kate Plus 8 is a show on TLC about a family that has a set a twins and a set of sextuplets. Jon is the dad, making Kate the mom. And boy does she put my crazy cleaning habits to shame. Ho - Ly - Cow!

We didn't get a chance to go to the store and check out that teething remedy. Well I mean we went to the store but that particular purchase slipped my mind. I think we're over the worst of it though... I just want Leah's silly nose to stop running.

Yes it really does help to clear my head when I write everything down. I used to do it all the time in highschool and that is the only reason I still have a dayplanner (as 90's as it is). My blog sometimes become this outlet for what's cluttering up my brain. I find that after I write it down I can stop thinking about it... or I can find a better way to solve the problem. Anyone who doesn't do this and finds themselves stressed out or not sleeping because there is too much going on in your head - WRITE IT DOWN! I think it helps, in fact I'm thinking about making it a regular thing on my blog. I really like the release.

Matt and I don't yell, we bicker. We have the same issues they do on a much much much smaller scale, and we figure them out by yelling instead of bickering. I think she only yells because she has to in order to be heard.

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