Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It Started Out... Well... Not So Great

First let me just say about the previous post that I posted it for everyone's enjoyment but I knew that Connor and Lucy would get the biggest kick out of it. Also! I had a weird moment and pulled up both of those singing sites at the same time and started the horse one first, well the people one just automatically starts singing. It was all going at once! Holy cow! Do not try this. Not only are there just too many voices but the pitches are only slightly different and the rhythms are only slightly off. I thought I was going to be sick. In fact just thinking about it... {shudder}...

Onto the main event!

This morning, if you'll all just bare with me, was not my best morning ever. My alarm spouted off at 7:00 to go work out and I jumped out of bed (it really startled me) to throw my work out clothes on. As I quickly found out jumping anywhere right as you wake up makes for a good fall. And yes, it hurt a bit. Alright, so I get dressed and drive to the gym. At this point I'm starting to feel a little queasy. Yes, all morning at the gym I was not feeling well. What a terrible work out, certainly not motivating. Maybe I'll quit working out. Just kidding, April, just kidding. Long story short, this morning I felt yucky beyond belief and I kept having flashbacks of a couple months ago when I had (what I think was) food poisoning. I just kept hoping it wasn't that.

I thought the day was getting better as my stomach protested less and less as the morning progressed. And it was, until I jammed my toe. Gosh! I hate jamming my toes. It hurts so stinking bad. This was followed by banging my knee AND funny bone on multiple kitchen cabinets.

At this point I decided a trip to the store to get out of this place, that apparently hates me, was in order. Leah and I had some gift shopping to do and we all know, there's no time like the 'present'!
Get it? Gift shopping - Present ... oh I'm so funny ... alright that was pretty bad
We picked up a few items and in doing so not only did I continue to bang my sore little toe on the cart (who taught me how to walk?) but I also banged my nose on Leah's hard little head. Ouch! Okay, so now I decided it was time to eat some greasy food and see if I could purge all this clutziness out of me with all the grease McDonald's has to offer. Alright, that's an overstatement - a WAY overstatement. Well, I sat there at McDonalds' INSIDE of WalMart and thought, "I couldn't even go to a McDonald's with a play place?" Alright, time to leave. Oh, don't forget on the way home I banged my head on the roof of the car.

This post is turning out to be MUCH longer than I had anticipated. So the day was shaping up to be pretty nasty for me. I kept thinking, "Is this what bad karma is? Have I done something so wrong?" Leah and I got home, got inside and started unloading the day's purchases. I told myself that I wouldn't start wrapping presents until all the clutter was off of my bed. Well to get all the clutter off of my bed I had to organize (even minorly) some closets. As I was doing this, yes more things falling on my head, my back, and of course, my jammed toe.
Yep this is me wanting to crawl under a rock until tomorrow morning
Just as a rather large book fell right on my spine the doorbell rings. "Oh please don't let it be someone wanting to see the apartment." It wasn't - it was the mail carrier. With packages! Yes, yes, yes!

And here is where my day starts to look up. TWO PACKAGES JUST FOR ME! I loooove getting packages.

Thank You Katy (and Tyler, Lucy, and Claire) And Thank You Seller: EatMorFood You Made My Day!

So here's what I did to cheer myself up after all the falling objects and cleaning and such. I wrapped presents and opened my packages. Would you like to see?

The front two are for Matt and the back two are for... someone else who shall remain nameless. It's a surprise. Don't you just want to know what's in that present that needs to stay standing up? Oooo, it's a nail biter.

And here's what came in those packages:

I won the baby derby for when my niece Claire was born and the candy was my prize. And I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I ordered all the original Batman movies. They may not be the best movies ever but my husband sort of loves Batman. So we had to get them. Looks like we're going be having a great movie night soon.


Marci said...

Are you telling Matt you are pregnant on his birthday with the gift in the back? ;) I hate days that start off like this, I really do crawl back into bed on these days, with the covers almost over my head, and think I will try again tomorrw. All that candy looks so good right now mmmmmm I am jealous!

Melanie said...

Normally I am opposed to One commenting on One's own blog but I must.

Wink all you want I just thought the frog was cute. There will be no announcements of the sort. I'm just clumsy. And the nausea subsided, when I was pregnant with Leah it lasted all glorious day.

Carl and Steph said...

I wouldn't have even left the house!! So brave, you are! and FYI, the e-mail I send was BEFORE I read this post. But it does sound like morning sickness. Not that I would really know. Hey, how about you ahve a boy next and tell me if the Morning sickness is still the same. If it's better, I'm only having boys. And yes, I can control that.

Tracy said...

This was funny. Unfortunately I think clutziness runs in the family.

Amber said...

What an awful morning, but great that you got candy and packages in the mail! I love to get packages in the mail! And I'm dying to know what's in the pagkage, maybe you should just tell me!

Katy said...

glad I helped to make your day. It is funny that you posted the picture of that note, because wrote it and thought... this looks like crap I should re-do it and then thought... "Mel will read it and chuck it, no one will ever see it" no here is stands for the whole world! Haha.
Sorry the prize was stupid candy...with our next baby Ty will be a lawyer and then the prize will be... ok maybe 4 boxes instead of 3.
Happy movie watching.