Monday, June 23, 2008

Celebrations Galore!

June 5: KATIE, my little sister and the baby of the McGee Family, GRADUATED FROM COTTONWOOD HIGH SCHOOL!
June 15: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADEN QUINNEY! Braden just turned three, he and Leah really have a special relationship. Any day now we expect them to become kissing cousins. Seriously, they adore each other.
June 16: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALEB SNELL! Kaleb isn't family but he may as well be. Kaleb just turned 4 and Leah just loves him. She follows him around ever so faithfully. I don't think he hates it yet, but I'm betting we are gearing up for that stage.

June 19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH MCGEE! Zach just turned three as well. This guy is so cute, he just melts your heart. He is smart, witty and just plain lovable. Zach says the funniest things and always has his best smile ready for the camera.
June 19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MCKAYLEE QUINNEY! McKaylee just turned one and we, unfortunately, weren't able to celebrate with them. The family had just taken a camping trip that Matt and I were unable to attend. McKaylee is a very sweet little girl with a flair for the dramatics. We love this about her. And with a face like a Cabbage Patch Kid, who wouldn't?
As you can see, June is a crazy month but we are so lucky to have friends and family around to celebrate all these occasions with.

SIDE NOTE: Leah is watching me post this entry and keeps singing happy birthday over and over again, inserting each name as the appropriate picture comes up.


Amber said...

What a crazy month! I'm glad that I got to see you Saturday. When things settle down we need to have a BBQ!

Michelle said...

Crazy!!! Sounds and looks like you've had fun though!! =) You've been tagged!!! Go look at my blog to see what you do!! =D