Thursday, June 26, 2008

Against A Human?

Brought To You By Adult Toy Parties

Only a 7% chance of survival if an alligator attacked me? Seriously? But I've watched so many episodes of Dirty Jobs and Steve Irwin. But I do like my chances against a small shark, after all 45% is almost 50%, the shark would just have to attack me on a day that I'm feeling super confident.

What the quiz isn't showing you here, but did detail on the original page was the human attack. I scored 30%. Only 30% against a human? That is just silly. I mean, no human could ever attack me, unless maybe, it was Jack Bauer... and then only maybe. Oh, and I'd probably let him.


Busty LaRue said...

this was hilarious! I took the quiz, and my results were awful! Thanks for posting such a fun link!

Anonymous said...

OH GOD. PLEASE come to my site and see MY score. Even a house cat can kill me!!