Saturday, April 19, 2008

My 2 Year Old

All throughout Leah's birthday and the day before I had a hard time not remembering what I was doing this time two years ago. I know what I was wearing, I know what I was doing most of the time and I know exactly how I felt. SCARED TO DEATH! But in the end Leah was born at 8:43 AM on Easter Morning. I remember Matt saying she was the best easter present ever.

The first year was a big year for us. It was clear I had A LOT to learn about parenting. I was now embarking on being Full-Time Mom and not working outside the home. This was a big change for me. I'm so glad Matt and I made the choice for me to stay home. It's wonderful being around for ALL of Leah's milestones and for the little things that aren't necessarily named milestones, but still just as important. When Leah was 6 months old we moved from Taylorsville over to our current apartment in Holladay. Matt changed positions with Zion's... again and we bought a new car. Here is Leah on her 1st birthday.

Leah's second year brought with it more wonderful time as well. Her vocabulary is astounding to us. Leah is an incredible mimic and you can tell that when she is mimicking you she is trying to comprehend what she's saying or doing. Leah has also developed quite the adoration for Dora the Explorer. I think I can accredit Dora for Leah being able to say, "Hola" and "Delicioso!" Oh and backpack.

This is a picture of Leah on her birthday trying to tell me that she is 5 years old instead of 2. We celebrated Leah's 2nd birthday at home with just the three of us. It was wonderful! She has so much character and animation in that tiny little body and it was fun to see her opening her presents and really being interested in them. What a difference from her 1 year birthday and even this last Christmas. We had celebrated her birthday with Matt's family the previous Sunday and will celebrate with my family next Friday. On the McGee side we get to celebrate Leah's birthday with her cousin Maddie (9 yrs.) who's birthday is on April 13 and we are so excited about this. Every year I got to celebrate my birthday with my brother, Tyler (his birthday was the day after mine) and I always felt so special because of it.

Some special gifts that Leah received are the balloon and flowers that Matt brought home for her. She was so excited to see and play with the balloon and every time she held the flowers she would say, "Smell? Smell?" Which is what she says when something smells good.

Leah also got some coloring books, markers, bubbles, LOTS of clothes, and some more books. In this household we can always do with good books. Matt's mom gave Leah a book that was a blast from the past for me. The book: THE MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK. I remember reading this book ALL the time when I was little. I absolutely loved this book. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. Seriously good book!


Amber said...

Happy Birthday Leah! I can't believe that it has been 2 years already, it has gone by so quick. She has grown so much and it has been fun to see her personality come about and to see her discovering the world! She has a beautiful spirit and we love being around her! And I am glad that she likes our doggies!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Leah! Is there a way to post-date this comment to say that I said that last week? Believe it or not, I was thinking of her last Wed too--just didn't make contact. Am I the only one who does loser things like that? (Yes.) WE LOVE LEAH! See you Friday.

Paul & Sarah said...

That is so cute that Matt brought her flowers. I can't believe she is two already. That means only another month and a half for Benjamin! Where has the time gone?