Thursday, March 20, 2008


Lucky you! Well, in my wanderings I found a website called This is a really cool website that helps the everlasting problem of world hunger. When you go to this site it has you answer vocabulary questions: "introductory means:" then prompting you with 4 different definitions. Each correct answer donates 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program.

Easy huh? Ah yes, but now to the address suspicious nature of so easily giving away this rice. At first I thought this was total bunk. "Yeah right," I said to myself as I proceed to prove how awesome my vocabulary is (who really cares if this actually donates rice to hungry kids, I'm a pretty good Definer, Webster should hire me), "I need to Snopes this." Because we all know that Snopes knows everything. So, to Snopes I go! Huh, it's true. A computer programmer thought this up and the website is a sister site to Apparently, the bill is footed by random advertisers who's names appear on the bottom of the screen. The rice is donated by the UN World Food Program , and organization that in 2006 reached more than 87.9 million people in 78 countries. I think it sounds pretty legit.

So, next time your thinking, "What can I do to help end world hunger?" Go to this site and actually do it. 20 grains of rice adds up pretty quickly. And I'm smarter for it too: S*M*R*T


Paul & Sarah said...

I love this game. I never did my homework though to figure out if it was real or not! Very cool that it actually is. So now we can all feel better about ourselves for wasting time playing a game.

Anonymous said...
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