Thursday, February 21, 2008

29 Days of Gratitude: Parts XX-XXI

PART XX: 60 Minutes. Nope, not the television show but 60 minutes of time to myself. I can thank Tracy for this bit of gratitude. This is going to sound horrible, but when I only get a 60 minute nap out of Leah it ticks me off just a little bit. Most of the time I can count on 90 minutes or even 120 minutes. Sometimes I will even get 180 minutes to myself. So when I only get 60 minutes, I feel a little bit jipped (is that how that word is spelled?). But reading Tracy's post, once again, made me realize that I will only be at this stage in our family for a, comparatively, short while. Maybe someday Matt and I will make the decision to have another kid, and then another, and then another. Until I too, will get 5 voices in my head and am grasping for even 11 minutes to myself. Suddenly 60 minutes doesn't sound so bad. Thanks for the perspective Trace! Am I rubbing it in your face? I don't mean to.

PART XXI: Pre-renting. As many, if not all, of you know I am the leasing agent/manager for our apartment complex. Any time I have a vacancy come up I usually get it leased out within the first week of knowing about it. Occasionally I will take two weeks to fill the apartment. Not this month though. This month I have received one horrible application after another. Seriously people, check your credit so it isn't a surprise to you that I am declining your application! Well, I have one vacancy that will be available March 1. And do I have it rented out? NO! Due to the aforementioned complications, I still have one nagging vacancy nipping at the edge of my mind. In the 16 months I have worked here I have not lost ONE SINGLE DAY OF RENT. So, now I am very thankful for all the 16 months of pre-renting these apartments. Know anyone that needs a place to live?

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