Tuesday, February 19, 2008

29 Days of Gratitude - Part XIX

This morning I am thankful for Oreo's. And Double Stuf is the ONLY way to go. Matt introduced me to a new way of eating Oreo's that makes it so much easier.
  1. Open Oreo package and smell of the chocolate and frosty goodness
  2. Remove one Oreo
  3. Stick fork in the frosting, just low enough that it secures the cookie but not so low that it breaks the frosting apart
  4. Take impaled Oreo and soak in milk for 12-15 seconds. Side Note: Matt and I disagree on this point. He likes to soak the cookie until it practically falls off, I appreciate a slightly crunchy chocolate cookie.
  5. Remove cookie from milk, let excess milk drip off.
  6. Savor the cookie and all it's goodness. Really enjoy the film that gets on the roof of your mouth from the frosting and the little chocolate crumbs that gather at the corners of your mouth.

1 comment:

Brett, Kelly, Cohen and Kembry said...

This is making it REALLY hard for me to eat "healthy". I wasn't even going to have ice cream at girls night, and now I'm craving double stuf oreos! Yummy!