Tuesday, February 26, 2008

29 Days of Gratitude - Part XXVI

Wow! Is it already the 26th? Today's blog will be a blog about car washes. I think most of you can echo my feelings for a clean car. Especially living here in Utah where we get Salt Snow. I think this year I washed the car more than any previous winter (about 4 times- pathetic I know). So having a freshly washed car only does so much considering the 2 days that it didn't snow. Even without the snow the car was parked in front of our apartment building, so the morning frost would muck it up again. Back to being thankful: I love a car door that you can touch and open without being grossed out by whatever gross germs may have just soaked into your skin. I love being able to recognize my clean car amidst all the other dirty ones in the parking lot. And I LOVE being able to see out all of my windows. Not just the part that the windshield wipers clean, but the whole window.

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