Monday, February 18, 2008

29 Days of Gratitude - Part XVIII

Thanks, Amber for the tag, now it's a thing of gratitude, otherwise I would hate doing this. 6 'interesting' (that's in the eye of the beholder) habits or tidbits about me:
  1. I really do not like the words ain't and nuther. First of all, nuther isn't even a word. It's a made up conjunction of the words -other- and -an-. Professional news anchors say this word. Are you kidding me? And ain't, what a great way to sound like an adolescent. Grow up, please.
  2. I have to wear at least two shirts every single day, in the winter it is sometimes three. I always have to wear a tank top or camisole under my real shirt. I don't think I have strayed from this since 7th grade. Even if it is 90 degrees outside I will have a tank top on underneath my regular shirt.
  3. I have become a reality t.v. something. Addict it too strong of a word but interested viewer it too benign.
  4. My first car was a 1984 Toyota Supra. My family called it 'THE BOMB'. The car was handed down through many members of my family to finally rest on me. Where it's engine seized peacefully in September 2003 in the intersection at Van Winkle and 1300 East. I'm not quite sure if it was called 'THE BOMB' because it was brown and really ugly, or because it was such tank of a car that a bomb could drop on it and it would still survive. Either position was true. Just a few days ago I was thinking about that car. What a great car with it's digital dashboard (one of the first of it's kind), frog eye headlights, and fuzzy burgundy interior. I really loved that car. Ugly as sin, but a wonderful nonetheless.
  5. Most decks of cards that Matt and I own are put away in order after every use. By suit (spade, heart, club, diamond) then number. I know... I have a habit.
  6. My bed has only gone unmade once since April 16, 2000. Yes I remember that dates. April 15, 2000 I didn't make my bed because my brother Tyler was leaving for the airport on the way to Ukraine and I was in a rush. The next time I didn't make my bed was December 21, 2007. No good reason, I just forgot. Matt came home that night from work to change clothes, walked into the bedroom and I think he felt like he'd walked into someone else's house. I don't feel ready for the day unless my bed is made. When I was in school I always got up and made my bed AS SOON as my alarm went off.
Now I tag April, Amber, and John (he is not likely to read this anytime soon, but I would like him to do it anyway).


Tracy said...

You're kind of weird huh? But I like you. Maybe THE BOMB was The Bomb because it was so awesome!? I wouldn't really know since I was long gone when The Bomb came onto the scene. I got to drive the red "Chevette" (clever name) that I had to try to park on a hill and jumpstart to get it going.

The Gillespie Family said...

You're not alone...I put on a white tank top, white or colored shirt and then my "real" shirt that I am wearing for the day, every day. I feel uncomfortable if I don't!