Saturday, January 26, 2013

Heard in our Home (a two-fer)

So it's been super cold here for the last little while, well it's finally starting to warm up a little lately (temps in the high 20's instead of single digits). I know it can get colder, but when you're kids have 'fun' watching the car thermostat continue to drop just to see how low it gets, it's too cold. In fact one night Parker was ecstatic when he started being able to recognize the numbers, "It's 2 now! It's 1 now!" Brrr.

So we're cold.

As I said it's trying to warm up a little. I was in the car with Leah and Parker about a week ago and Leah was watching the thermostat again and said, "Wow! It's 20 degrees. That's so warm!"

I could tell her perception was off when, just a few days ago she said, "Mom, 23 degrees! That's really warm. Oh wait, now it's only 21 degrees. I'm freezing."


So what do I do when it gets cold? Get ice cream, of course! Parker had been holding an ice cream cone and the bottom was wrapped in the establishment's logo with that little annoying paper wrapper (who's entire goal in life, I'm sure, is to get soggy and allow the ice cream cone eater his/her daily allowance of paper ingestion). I was holding the cone for him and upon returning it, I removed the wrapper. He said, "Mom, I don't want a naked ice cream cone!"

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