Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Should Post Date This, V. I "The Last Day of School"

Leah's last day of Kindergarten was... sometime in June. Mid June, maybe? Shoot, if I'm doing this with my first child, my next kid's are doomed..

The class gathered for a very important graduation ceremony. There was a musical number, something about, "A too-de-taa, a too-de-taa," awards, and a photo montage. It was a special day for Leah and I am so happy to see all the progress she's made since the beginning of the school year. Leah received an award for being the quietest in class, and she also received the Soaring Eagle Award.

Leah is excited to start 1st grade next week and will be doing so at a new school. Last Spring when Matt and I discussed which school to put Leah in we were convinced she would be drawn from the lottery to attend a charter school nearby, Hawthorne Academy. She wasn't, therefore we needed to explore some other options. Going to the elementary we are in boundaries for hasn't ever really been an option. So we discussed going to Jordan Ridge Elementary or West Jordan Elementary. Eventually we settled on Jordan Ridge mainly for the reason that it is an ALPs school and Leah's preschool teacher really felt that she should be tested for it. My theory was that if she going to trasfer schools, she may as well just start at the ALPs school anyway; and having cousins there certainly sweetened the deal.

Well, it came time to test for ALPs and I felt really unsettled about testing her for it. So we didn't. As the school year progressed it became very clear to me that Leah needed to be at a school where she was surrounded by the children she goes to church with. So, we decided to transfer schools to West Jordan Elementary. I have to admit, I'm very sad to leave year-round school behind, and I'm even more sad that Leah and her cousin, Fisher, won't be attending school together anymore (it was so fun to see my sister every day picking up kids); however, I know that this is the right decision for Leah. We are going to be in the house for a LONG TIME, and so will all of the children her age. I feel that it's more important to support Leah socially than anything else.

Leah is having a hard time realizing that Fisher won't be in her class every day, she's excited to be surrounded by mounds of friends, but sad that Fisher won't be one of them. It will definitely be an adjustment for her, but we're excited that of the five friends from our ward, she will be in a class with four of them.

Award: The Quietest in Class
Award: The Weirdest Child Ever
First and Last Days of Kindergarten

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Lindsay Quinney said...

Wow, she has changed a lot in just under a year. And, what a suiting award for her!