Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Soccer Match

Leah's first soccer match was this last Saturday. I'll admit, seeing her at practices, I thought we'd have a butterfly-chaser on our hands. I did not think she would involve herself or attack the ball at all. So, I was pleasantly surprised when during her first stint in, she warmed up pretty quickly to the idea of aggression. Now, we don't have a full body contact athlete here, but she ran with the group towards the ball and sometimes even tried to get in the middle of things to get a kick in. I counted about 8 touches plus three kick in's from her. Woohoo!

Although they weren't keeping score (lame), we definitely won. Shh, don't tell the league I told you.

If you watch the following video you may you'll definitely want to turn the volume down a bit.

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Lindsay Quinney said...

So fun. We would love to come to one of her games!