Friday, April 27, 2012

Who doesn't like checking things off their list?

It's cleaning day!

Kitchen: check
Main floors: check
Main bath: check
Laundry room: check
Family room: check
Switches, railings, doors, window sills: check
Dusting: check
Wood polishing: check
Bedrooms: check
Bedroom floors: check

Upstairs bathroom: undone
Master bathroom: undone

I loathe cleaning bathrooms. Hate. Despise. Detest. They make me want to snarl. Bathrooms just get so dirty, so quickly, over and over again. And not dirty like, some things are out that need to be put away. Dirty as in: toothpaste glumps, stuck hair, condensed water, don't even get me started on the toilet area.

Wait a second, those bathrooms are under construction, I don't need to clean them until Saturday.

Oh, wait a second. Those bathrooms are under construction.

I'm trying to weigh the satisfaction of not having to clean bathrooms today with the fact that Matt and I have had to shower at a neighbor's house for the past two days (she's so nice).


Snell Family said...

You're brave doing both bathrooms at the same time. At least you have nice neighbors to share their shower. You'll have to post pictures when you're done.

Paul said...

I bet you'll be gald to have your bathrooms back. What a nice neighbor! I'd love to see pictures of the bathrooms when they're done, even if they include toothpaste glumps!

Sarah said...

That was me, not Paul...

Amber said...

I agree with April-no way would I ever take on 2 bathrooms at once! Can't wait to see them finished!

Melanie said...

Yeah... we didn't do it on purpose. They both just kind of broke. At the same time.

They aren't going to be glamorous when they're finished. But they'll be nicer than before. Well, I have my fingers crossed that they'll be nicer than before.