Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Clearing Up My Camera Space

What? Not even Pintrest can suck my time away?

It's not my fault, I tried. There just weren't enough new posts for me to look at, and I couldn't think of anything to search for that I haven't already.

So I've decided to post an entry. For me the only slightly bigger time suck than Pintrest is blogging. By the time I've uploaded photos, edited them (however amateurly), then thought through and written a post I've spent at least an hour, likely more, on dear old Blogger.

Parker Quinney: terrorizing households since 2010
She's a reading machine these days.
Whenever we tell him, "Parker, be weird," this is what happens; without fail.

Parker went through a three week phase that apparently wouldn't allow him to keep his left arm in his shirt. And in case your wondering: that is a spoon on his chest. Weirdo.

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Marc and Miriam Deru said...

What a funny boy! Leah sure is cute-- I love the way you fix her hair. Fun post!