Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

The Ward Halloween Party was hosted by our Young Men and Young Women programs. Our youth really took off with this and left me to and the others leaders to just fill in the blanks. This was the first year our ward has done a Trunk-or-Treat. I'm hoping it will be a repeater, at least I really enjoyed it. Following the Trunk-or-Treat we had a Chili Cook-off. This aspect of the night had me a little concerned. I only had eight individuals sign up for chili entries. I thought that should easily feed the 75 people that will show up. I didn't expect a lot of people due to the fact that we didn't send out reminder fliers or have regular Sunday meetings the previous Sunday (Region Conference). All of the sudden people started showing up. A LOT  of people. I think we ended up with close to 150 people in attendance, definitely standing room only. Luckily there were a lot of people who didn't sign up to bring chili, that did. Thank goodness! Overall it was a great success, and I didn't even stress out very much.

Parker was a fish to accompany...

...Leah the Mermaid!
We had so much fun this season (when I wasn't reminding Leah that it isn't Christmas yet). Parker was a trooper and walked up to every single door and even said, "Trick or treat," and "Thank you." Leah was even more of a trooper and was out gathering candy for three hours with her dad and some good friends. I am thankful for a warm-ish evening, and the option to stay inside and hand out candy. It was the first year we've stayed home for Halloween, and while I missed seeing our Quinney cousins a lot, it was nice to have a holiday with just our family.


Snell Family said...

I love Parker's fish costume, so cute!

Lindsay Quinney said...

Thier costumes look so cute! I can't remember, did you make Parker's costume? Glad you guys had such a fun Halloween!