Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Heard in our Home (ish)

This one's about Parker... I know. He does do something more than just terrorize the household organization.

I was on the computer one morning, completing some tasks for my calling. I looked down from my seat to see Parker curled up in the crook of the chair legs, sleeping. Ah, cute. Leah used to do this. A minute or two later I stood up to grab something from the kitchen. As soon as I turned my back, I heard, "Aha!" I turned around to find Parker sitting in my chair at the computer with a big goofy grin on his face.


Last night Leah and I were reading the scriptures before bed. We happen to be in Jacob. You know, the tree guy.

After finished a few verses, Leah said, "What does that mean?'
I said, "When Jacob was talking about a tree, he was really talking about ..." I glance at Matt for a little explanation help, and Leah cuts in, "The House of Israel." I replied, "Yes, your right! So, Jacob is saying that when we plant a tree we have to help it so it can grow the correct way. Nice and straight and give us good fruit. It's like that with the House of Israel. We need to do the right things so we can be on a straight path." Leah replied, "Okay Mom, but houses don't make fruit."

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