Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day of School

First day of kindergarten, Jordan Ridge Elementary, Mrs. Raines

Aren't those freckles to die for?

I think the nerves are getting her a little bit.

School is always more fun with a cousin.

Goodbye hugs

Definitely nervous walking in to the school. Look at the set of her jaw.
We celebrated the first day of school with ice cream, THEN lunch, cookies and dinner. She got to choose everything we ate that day, right down to the flavor of our dinner milkshake. I'm really excited for Leah to go to kindergarten. We're both ready for her to start her school years journey.


Katy said...

Goof job, Leah. I cant believe she is old enough for Kindergarten. Time has flown by. Sounds like a fun day and letting Her chose her lunch and dinner was a cute idea

Amber said...

She looks so big and so cute! I love the flower in her hair! She did look nervous though, but I'm sure she did fine! And I think it's really cute that you let her pick all the food for the day, such a great idea!

Lindsay Quinney said...

I cannot believe she is already in Kindergarted. So great that she has a cousin to start her school journey with!

Mirien said...

How come I did not know that you were coming to our school? Isn't it great? Hope I'll see you around one of these days!

Tracy said...

I love these pictures! And we love being in kindergarten with Leah. :)

The Dahle Family said...

How does she look so old all of a sudden? I just looked at all the summer favs you posted, and then, boom, it's her first day of school and she magically looked a full year older and totally old enough for this real school thing. Wow. That is pretty cool to go to school with a cousin! And isn't it fun to watch your kid just kinda learn to read somehow?

I love how totally content Leah looks in that picture where she's biting in to some tasty grilled cheese. Sounds like a great first day. Sounds like kindergarten is still a half day there--I wish we were so lucky! Sending 'em off for a full day sure felt like quite the dive into school last year!