Monday, August 1, 2011

Freedom Festivities

Things I want to remember about The Fourth of July: Potluck breakfast with all of our neighbors, having a lazy afternoon, BBQ lunch with the Quinneys, RAIN, Matt driving 'The Mini' in the Sandy Parade, potluck snacks and fireworks with our neighbors in the Hancock's circle, Leah and her boyfriends, 6 grown men going crazy on the 20 ft. slide, Ripple, tons of ginger ale, letting Leah roam, watching Matt, Spencer, and Dave play with fire.
Things I want to remember about Th 24th of July: our first parade together, Leah's favorite part, "President Monson.", Parker and Leah waving to all of the floats, Leah figuring out that all the policeman were wearing fake mustaches, pebble ice, stadium seating, a big bonk on the head.
More things I want to remember about The 24th of July: another year another bounce house, great weather, yummy hamburgers, Parker and the German Mustard, Leah enjoying fireworks for the first time in her life.

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