Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Boy

 At the park with his buddy Mason. 


 Parker will put just about anything on his head, but this is his favorite. He'll just wander around with this toy bucket on his head waiting for someone to laugh. 

 If I tell him, "No," when he is doing something he knows he shouldn't, Parker gives me this face.

 The drool is incessant, but I love this cheesy smile.

 At 15 months old, Parker is still hanging in there with only four teeth. 
I think the last one he grew was in January.

 He was so proud of himself when he figured out he could climb in this.

Unfortunately he couldn't get out. Now Parker is sporting his shy face.

Parker has also taken to climbing quite a bit. On everything. It's so obnoxious.


Amber said...

He has grown so much and is so darn cute! He has the biggest cheeks ever and I will be kissing them next time I see him!

Quinntacular said...

Now I just want to come home and squish my little guy's face. Cute kiddo.