Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heard in our Home

After spotting a big, long streak on our TV

Me: "Leah, did you lick the TV?"
Leah: "Yes." All long and drawn out, like I'm the crazy one.
Me: "Why did you do that?" Anger boiling right below the surface
Leah: "Because it makes it sparkly!" Big grin on her cute little face.


The Dahle Family said...

Of course! Why else? Elodie thinks its great when oil leaks in parking lots because then there are beautiful rainbows in all of the puddles. I tried telling her that it's called polluting and it's bad for the environment, but she doesn't believe me, because it's so sparkly and beautiful! Oh, the price of sparkliness!

Katy said...

No way you could be mad with that beautiful face. She is adorable :)