Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Mine!

I'm on a mission to reclaim my house!

So far, I've tackled the basement. Guess what I've found out. I have a lot of storage and organization possibilities in my basement. I guess that realization will happen when you throw out nine boxes of stuff and consolidate at least six more. The sad thing is that of those nine boxes that I threw out, I couldn't even begin to tell you what was in them. And I only did it two weeks ago.

The two weeks since The Big Purge of 2011 have been spent organizing, labeling, and consolidating. It takes a while when you only have nap times to work on this big of a project.
In my quest to reclaim my house I still have a lot to do: relocate any non-coat-closet items currently located in the coat closet, relocate certain non-laundry items currently located in the laundry room, relocate pictures and frames currently hiding out behind the living room couch, relocate half of Leah's closet, relocate half of Parker's closet. Anything that is being relocated is going down into the basement.

After that is all done I'll have to on the garage. Cleaning out the garage seems so much worse than cleaning out the basement.

After the basement, relocations, and garage are finished we'll start painting the upstairs (shh... Matt doesn't know yet). All of it, new baseboards, fixing doors, new paint in all bedrooms- the works.

Other projects in the works for this spring and summer: window treatments for my terribly blah family room and possibly a kitchen cabinet refinishing.


Snell Family said...

That sounds like what my Jan./Feb. consisted of, lots of labeling and purging. Doesn't it feel good though to get rid of stuff you don't need!

I'm excited to see what new paint colors you pick. And possibly cabinet refinishing, sounds like alot of work but I bet it would be a big transformation. I would offer to help with the cabinets but considering it took me 6 months to get the doors back on our cabinets I don't think I'm a good candidate.

Quinntacular said...

Matt knows, don't let her kid you.

Sarah said...

Sounds fun! I'm also on a similar kick. RIght now, I'm having all sorts of fun scheming how to brighten up our front room. I'd love to see things as you make progress!

Lindsay Quinney said...

We are in the process of doing a lot too, but most of our stuff David has to do. Lucky him!

The Lambert Family said...

When you are done, will you please come and do mine???