Saturday, March 26, 2011

Heard in our Home

Leah has always called her dance leotard a 'tard'.

"Mom, where's my tard?" "I'd like to wear my pink tard today." "Mom, can I have a skirt that's stuck to a tard?" I didn't know why she called a leotard a tard when I've always referred to them as leotards. Matt and I continue to use the correct word, but chuckle every time she says the word tard. It's just funny.

Recently Leah was talking about a leotard one of her dance friends wears. She said, "Mom, Erin has a skirt that's stuck to a tard." I replied, "Erin has a leotard and a skirt all in one?" Leah said, "No Mom! She doesn't have a Leah-tard she has an Erin-tard."

Oh, now I get it.


Hansen Family Blog said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!! I love kid logic!

Nicole said...

She is so cute!!

michelle's 10 things said...

VERY FUNNY! I love kid logic.

Mirien said...

Makes perfect sense. That's so funny!

Sarah said...

That's so funny! Gotta love that literalist sense of humor.