Friday, February 4, 2011

Further Clarification

Leah's three favorite foods are boxed macaroni and cheese, Top Ramen, and hot dogs. She would have them every day if I let her. Probably multiple times a day.

The other night I made my first ever Chicken Cordon Bleu with garlic green beans, rolls, and some killer mashed potatoes and gravy. After dinner, I was pulling hot dog buns out to thaw for the next nights dinner. I told Leah, "Tomorrow we're having hot dogs for dinner." She replies, "Really?!?! Oh, I LOVE hot dogs!" What, and the delicious dinner I just served was chopped liver? Sheesh.


Tracy said...

Hahahaha...that's classic.

Amber said...

I love it! Your chicken cordon bleu sounds amazing too. Where was my invite?

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

That's so Anna, too. "This is SOOOOOOO yummy!" Same foods, too. Why do we cook again? Oh yeah, for nutrition. Right. Sigh. :)