Friday, February 11, 2011

First You Crawl

And then you walk. But apparently you really don't have to spend much time crawling.

Parker started really officially crawling December 20. He took his first solid steps January 8 (no, Matt and I didn't see them, Parker was being babysat) and really took off on his own January 19. His walking to crawling ratio is about 70:30, often he'll get to a standing position, even if he's already on his knees, just to walk.

It's been really fun for Matt and myself to watch Parker hit these major milestones. It's even more fun to see our excitement reflected a thousand times more through Leah. Parker will walk over to her just to get a hug.

Here's some of his early walking footage:


Amber said...

That is so awesome! I love babies when they first walk, very cute!

Sarah said...

Cute! I can't remember when his birthday is....he seems like he's an early walker. I love how tiny they look when they're first toddling around like big people.
Oh, and about the Nutella thing. It also works really well when you just double dip pretzels. Mmmmm...