Monday, January 17, 2011

A First

It was bound to happen eventually, a first trip to Instacare. What a way to start a holiday, even though it is a Monday holiday which is a whole other issue. Couldn't they have just made all the national holidays on Fridays?

This morning I heard a crash in Leah's room. I ran there to find her cute (somewhat small, but definitely large to a four year old) clothing armoir on top OF HER! Leah was completely motionless, she hadn't even screamed when the thing happened. I immediately pulled the cabinet off and she popped right up and looked around. She was talking normal, acting mostly normal and I checked her for any immediate signs of damage.

Good, no blood on her face or arms, she could move everything, she knew her name, where she was, and what had happened (there was something sparkly on top of the armoir and she had decided to climb the armoir to get it- eyeroll). All good signs. I set to snuggling Leah while Matt set to cleaning up the now shattered piggy bank.

About five minutes later a decided to check her head one more time. Yep, blood. A good amount of it too (I'm not quite certain how I missed it the first time, although it's a good thing I did. The five minute interim gave me time to settle my own nerves down). Leah and I went into the next room and I started to clean it up. Once the wound was mostly cleared I could see that we were going to need more than a butterfly band aid.

Off to Instacare.

Leah was fairly good about the whole thing. As good as a child frightened and in pain could be anyway. It took a fair amount of bodily force for Matt, myself, and a nurse to hold Leah down throughout the procedure.

I wish I'd taken a picture of it before the staples. So, four staples and one ice cream cone later and Leah is good as new.


The Dahle Family said...

I just told Aaron about this little incident, and he said that's why they recommended that parents secure dressers, bookshelves, etc. to a stud in the wall with an L-bracket (his last rotation was with a pediatrician). But that sure would put a damper on furniture rearranging!

I'm glad she's as good as new--staples in your head looks painful!!

Sarah said...

Ouch! What a trooper! I'm glad she's alright! Good job for getting through your first incident so gracefully.

Amber said...

What a story! How scary for all of you but I'm glad that she is ok!

mallorymallorah said...

How scary! Glad she's ok!

Tracy said...

OUCH, staples?! I'm so glad it wasn't worse--scary.

Hansen Family Blog said...

DRAMA! I know I would not have been so calm. It is a miracle I know, but we havn't had stiches or staples yet with our kids. Black eyes, bangs, scratches etc but nothing more serious than that, thank heavens. I am sure it will end up being something broken when something does happen.