Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Heard in our Home

Leah: "Mom, my ear pit hurts." 
I, for one, think it's a completely apt description.

Other things going on in our home right now? Glad you asked.
Just took a small step towards getting Leah into kindergarten next year. Parker finally broke ground on his first tooth (five months sooner than Leah's first). Also, one of my shoes is tied uncomfortably tighter than the other; what a pain in the neck foot.


Katy said...

the whole kindergarten thing makes me pretty sad

Lisa said...

My ear pit hurts too. Just when I think I can't possibly love Leah more, she proves me wrong by saying something like that. And hooray for the Parker Man! I miss you guys!

Katy said...

Kindergarten? Already? Wow! She is just one adorable little I mean big girl. How fun!