Friday, November 12, 2010

Not too late

Here's my not too late Halloween post.

Leah begged to be Fancy Nancy from the Posh Puppy book this year. I really wanted to make her costume, but decided it would be much more cost effective (and presentable and true to character) if I just bought it. Parker 'wanted' to be a horse. Leah wore the same costume at that age; how convenient that I've gotten two uses from one costume through two genders. Awesome!

Matt and I sure were grateful that Halloween wasn't one day later, The Boy was busting out of this 12 mo. size costume. I figured we'd be cutting it close, but not diaperbustingoutthebottomsnaps close. Yikes, this boy is big.

Leah was able to wear her costume for four days straight. By the end of the third and the fourth days she was sort of done with it. Leah loved getting all fancy, but every girl has their limit. You can only take so much glitter and ruffle.

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Lindsay Quinney said...

I still think it is so funny that Leah and Parker were around the same age when they wore that costume and Parker is busting at the seams! Such cute kids!