Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm one of those parents

 Leah is amazing me lately. She was just reading to me. READING! Isn't she too little for that?

This last Sunday Leah participated in our ward's primary program.  I cannot put together the right string of words to express how proud I am of her for doing this. She actually walked up there, all on her own- without any prodding, stood up there and sang her cute little heart out. She delivered her lines (!) clearly and decisively. I cried for about five minutes after her first line (Matt and I were so nervous for her). I can't even think about it now without tearing up.

Best part is, Matt and I only had to bribe her with ten stickers. A small price to pay for her confidence, although she probably would have done it for one.


Marci said...

I am a bawl baby when it comes to my kids performing! I thought at first it was just primary programs, but then they started doing school programs. I am the one blubbering with a heart that is about to explode with pride. She is a cute little girl, it was a lot of fun seeing you guys at C-BAC.

Karen said...

Someday you will be saying things like, "remember when Leah used to be be shy??? but it will only be a memory. Sounds like she was amazing. Way to go, Mom.