Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pointers on Parker

*  If it isn't in his mouth it's only barely out of his reach.
*  If it isn't smothered in baby slobber it's not near him.
*  If it's being consumed by him it's some of the 30 oz. of milk, oatmeal, any vegetable or fruit that he's been eating lately... including prunes, poor guy.
*  If it's quiet at night it's because he's sleeping 9 hours straight.
*  If it's quiet during the day it's because he's putting himself to sleep (yes, I'm polishing his halo as we speak).
*  If it's too far away, he'll quickly flip over onto his tummy to get it.
*  If his pacifier isn't in his mouth, it's because he's too busy trying to get it into his mouth.
*  If he's not smiling, cooing, giggling, and full on belly laughing, Leah probably isn't around.


Sarah said...

What a cute post. I'm looking forward to 9 hour stretches of sleep! We're certainly not getting any of that around here.

Amber said...

Those are the biggest cheeks ever! I love them! He is so dang cute!