Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heard in our Home

Me: "Get your shoes on before you go outside."

Leah: "Okay."

-She puts her shoes on-

On her way out the door, Leah says: "Over and out!"

Other things I'm hearing lately:
"Mom, are you going to extra-size?" 
          Sort of the opposite goal when what I'm really doing is exercise.

Singing, "I'll pre-tell myself while I am young. This is my sacred duty."

"Mommy, can I be a [insert any number of things: ballerina, giraffe, elephant, fairy princess, monster... just to name a few] for Halloween?"
          She's been making this request since last November.

"Mom, we have to go to my ballerina birthday party for real, not for pretend, for real."
          Leah requested a birthday party the day AFTER her birthday. Not gonna happen this year.



The Lambert Family said...

That's awesome! :)

Sarah said...

What a funny kid! Oh, and I love Part 8. She's quick!

I really miss SYTYCD...I can't understand why they won't put it on Hulu other than the fact that they depend on live audiences to vote. It's not like I'm going to vote anyways.

Hansen Family Blog said...

I don't care how she sings them, I love to know she is singing her Primary songs! So cute! She has really been a super big helper for me on Sundays.