Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our May Days

The Annual McGee Bowling event (3rd year running). Leah refused to let her dad help her push the ball down the ramp. She made sure he was well off the wood floor before letting that ball go.

Preschool has been such a great experience for Leah. Her teacher owns a horse and has one day each semester when she lets each student ride her horse 'Magi'. I was so excited when Leah ran into the corral and stood right next to the horse. She was so confident as I helped her into the saddle. She remained that way even as the stirrups were being adjusted and the horse was getting pretty restless. Leah just held on tight and determinedly. 

           Leah with her pretend horse 'Magi' and with her sprouting flower.

             For the last preschool field trip we went to Wheeler Farm...
...complete with the way-too-close-for-comfort ducks and geese. I really had to keep a lid on my emotions so  Leah wouldn't see how upset I really was with those geese. Really, it's one thing for us to feed them, it's another thing entirely for them to waddle (although I would argue they charged) right up to us expecting it; especially at perfect nipping height of my small daughter and car seat bound son.

Of course Parker has been trucking right along with us to everything. He's such a trooper. We had a challenging first two months. Really challenging. Most days I would have to say to myself, "It isn't colic, it isn't colic, it isn't colic." Mentally, I couldn't go back there because of the experience I had with Leah. One day my brother and his wife mentioned that one of their daughters was a completely different baby after they had been prescribed Zantac for acid reflux. Duh, it certainly runs in the family... on both sides. Luckily Parker's two month appointment was only a few days away. I did some research, and after feeling fairly certain that reflux is what we were dealing with, Matt and I spoke to our pediatrician about it. One prescription of Zantac later, and he IS a completely different baby. Now, not only do I love him (as I have since day 1) but I also like him. I'm enjoying this stage of his babyhood much more than I thought I would.

Of course there are still times that are more challenging than others, but he is consolable. Now at three months old (today!) Parker is dazzling us with his coy smiles and charming us with his adorable coos and giggles. 

A couple weeks ago Matt asked me if I was happy to have two kids. And I could honestly answer, "Yes!" But I think this picture says it best:


Karey said...

Yay! I'm so glad Parker is doing better! When Lincoln was a sad sad little baby, I remember reading Katy's post about Claire being so different after the reflux meds, and I prayed that night that Lincoln had reflux, so I could give him something to make him feel better! Turned out it was a birth injury, and we did eventually figure it out, and he was completely different after being treated, but I definitely know where you're coming from! Hugs!

Sarah said...

That's a beautiful picture of the two of them. I'm so glad you found out how to help him and that you're liking him better! :) It makes all the difference when they're happy! I still think Benjamin must have had colic, because he was a very challenging newborn.
Oh, and congrats to Leah for riding that horse! That's awesome!

Marci said...

Okay that last picture was a tear jerker for the pregnant lady!! It sounds like Leah went to an amazing preschool!

Snell Family said...

Cute picture of Leah and Parker! I never realized how awesome it would be to see the interaction between siblings but it's amazing. Even if they do fight!