Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Heard in our Home

Part 4
Leah: "Ladies and jungleman! Presenting the Furring Show! The animals will now come out and play!"

Leah has really been into putting shows on lately. She grabs anyone around and makes them 'show their talent.' Matt and I have no idea where the name 'Furring Show' came from. I don't even know if it's a real name or what.

During these shows Leah has been known to act like any sort of animal, put on some interpretive dance, or sing any number of primary songs. We've really loved seeing her come out of her shell little by little. Lately it just seems that she is making leaps and bounds in the direction of becoming a little social butterfly.

Part 5

This incident took place a few weeks ago, Parker was maybe four weeks old. It was the 'Witching Hour', you know that time after 3:30 PM and before dinner, and Parker was scuh-reaming. There was nothing I could do, I'd tried it all by that point. Finally I just decided to lay him on the floor and lay next to him.  I was emotionally spent.

Leah watched the whole thing happen.

As I laid down next to the (still screaming) boy, Leah got up and put a hand on my shoulder and said, "Mom, I'll take care of Parker."

Sheesh Leah, way to bring on a new round of Mommy Tears. 

This whole experience said two things to me:
1. I'm guessing/hoping she picked up on this behavior because that's what she sees around her. I think Matt and I do a pretty good job of tag teaming.

2.  I have one. awesome. daughter.


Katy said...

that brought tears to my eyes. Cutie.

Sarah said...

Ah, that is really sweet. You do have one amazing daughter!

Banker said...

Katy experience the Furring Show first hand when Leah would say a letter and make us name an animal that started with that letter. My favorite was "P" when we tried to name a bunch of animals but she wouldn't do a new one until we got the one she was thinking of . . . pig.

Funny girl. Sure do love my little princess.

Kelly said...

What a sweetheart!