Tuesday, March 2, 2010

His Room as well as My New Favorite Room

In the beginning we had scratchy yellow walls with red underneath. This part of the process entailed taking down all of the trim, door casings, and doors. We took a sheet rock scrapper to all of the walls and evened out the texture. This was Day/Night One.

On the Second Day we painted. From start to finish (including dry time) this took us only 4 hours. I attribute that to the paint we used, but you've already heard about my devotion to Valspar.

I don't have any pictures of Day Three, well really is was Night Three. Matt and I spent the night in the garage painting trim and casing. It was cold and we didn't have saw horses. 'Nuff said.

I wasn't around for Day Four. It was hard for me. But the task was simple and there was a well laid plan. TRIM TRIM TRIM (and door casings). Matt and his dad surprised me by redoing the window sill as well. The icky white tile sill is gone and replaced with a lovely wooden one.

I also don't have pictures of Day Five. It was just more painting, this time of the doors. Once again it was cold. So cold that we had to work like lightening to get the paint to dry nicely on the doors. All it wanted to do was curdle in the original brush stroke. Imagine that. 

Day Six had Matt and myself assembling some dusty furniture. Furniture that hasn't been used in at least three years. Yes, the nostalgia ensued. Last time this furniture was used it was adorned with pinks and greens and whites. Now, it's a completely transformed set flanked by bright blues, greens, and yellows. My mom made the beautiful crib set (the bumpers, the crib skirt, and the quilt that's on the mattress- these items deserve a post all to themselves.) and I tied the little quilt hanging on the edge of the crib.

Day Seven, and all the days after, have left this little girl waiting ever so patiently to fill that cozy crib with a brother. She wakes up most mornings asking me if Brother has come out yet. 'Luckily' I get to reply, "Not yet. Hopefully, in a few more days."


Alright, now onto My new Favorite Room.

I have this friend. She's always thinking of others. She lives by the Spirit and tries to follow it's promptings in as prompt manner. One day this friend said, "Hey, would you like a piano?"

This question came at a difficult time for me. I was struggling, personally, with some things and all I wanted was an outlet. A good, comfortable outlet. Like a piano. Obviously, a new piano (or any piano in our case) isn't in the budget right now. So I tried not to think about how much I wanted my children to grow up with music in the home. I tried not to think about how much of an impact having a piano in my home growing up made to me. I pushed the thought aside.

Then this friend asked me, "Hey, would you like a piano?" Three weeks later, there it was. A piano in my living room. MY living room. A PIANO. I'm still at a loss for words, it means so much to me.

I called my sister and she dropped the million and one things I'm sure she needed to get done to help me arrange the room. Alright, I didn't do anything. She was the Mastermind and the Mover. It took nearly 18 months and a piano to get some decorations on our walls.

And now I have this. A room to melt into.

Also let me give credit where credit is due: 
That evening Matt came home with those flowers you see on the piano.


Katy said...

WOW! Everything look AMAZING!! How wonderful to have a piano- and the room looks fabulous all arranged- and your paint job for you little buddy looks flawless- good work!

Sarah said...

I am super impressed with all your hard work on the baby's room! It looks amazing! I am also impressed that your Mom made all of that crib bedding. It's really cute! I'm so happy that you guys got a piano! We got ours for free too, and as ugly as ours is, I'll never get rid of it until we can afford something better. I agree, it really makes a house a home. Your front room looks great!
I can't believe how close you are! Seriously any day now...

Lindsay Quinney said...

His room looks really good! I love the colors and I love the bedding! Can't wait to meet this little guy. And I am so excited for you that you finally got a piano. That front room looks so good!

Amber said...

I am very impressed with both rooms! I have been a little scared of the green paint in Baby Quinneys room, but it looks good!

Nicole said...

I love buddy's room!! I can't wait to see his quilt in person.

Tracy said...

Little Q's room turned out SO CUTE!! I can't wait to meet the little guy who will be in that bed!

Also, I've nearly called you three different times to go shopping for the perfect accessories for the LR wall shelves...and since the flowers on the piano add just the right touch, Matt will have to keep you stocked up. No problem, right?

The Dahle Family said...

Wow, wow, wow. You and your sister are great interior decorators!! Your home looks so put together and homey at the same time. Lovely!

Carl and Steph said...

It's beautiful. All of it. Congratulations on getting it done.