Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heard In Our Home

The Scene: The master bedroom, Parker is laying on the bed looking out the window, Leah has just stubbed her toe, Mom is doing her hair.

Leah to Parker in her high pitched baby voice: "Hey Mr. I just bonked my toe, do you want to make it feel better?"

Parker:  "..."

Leah:  "What was that? You think we should put something cold on it? Okay."

Parker: (squirm, squirm)

Leah: "We don't have anything cold here right now. 

Parker: "..."

Leah:  "Yes, you can put your hand on it and make it feel better."

Leah reaches over and puts Parker's hand on her toe.

Leah:  "Would you like to play the potato game? Don't worry you don't have to do anything. You can be the potato. I'll move you around."
Mom, thinking: "Does she mean The Hot Potato Game? Maybe I should interfere."

Moral of the story: First, my healing powers have, apparently, transferred to Parker. Second, Leah knows not to roll Parker around like a Hot Potato.

I'd say it's been a productive morning.


Katy said...

Leah is so cute!

Katy said...

Lucy can't wait to see her

Amber said...

I love Leah!

Tracy said...

Haha. Good job writing it down!
Cute new blog.

Nicole said...

What other special powers have you transfered to Parker?

Cher said...

hahahaha. that is really so darling! i love that you are keeping track of all of this! leah is such a sweetheart. she looks so much like my favorite (i know...i shouldn't have favorites... but i do...) neice, bella. SO CUTE! Looks like you guys are all adjusting nicely to a family of 4! Congrats again!

Marliese said...

What a cute and clever little girl, that Leah. And Parker is beautiful...a belated congratulations! How exciting. Sounds like you've got this mom-of-more-than-one-child thing down.