Monday, December 7, 2009

Her Excitement

Leah is so into Christmas this year. She's looking forward to Santa, she's glad that we get to celebrate Jesus' Birthday, she sings Christmas songs all day (requesting 12 Days of Christmas the most) she's ridiculously happy to turn on the Christmas lights each evening, and all she wants for Christmas is the white My Little Pony, Sweetie Belle (cost $6).

I love this!

I love remembering the purity that surrounds this season. I love remembering anticipating Christmas Day so much I almost couldn't bear it. I love remembering seeing those hoof prints on our sidewalk. I love remembering the half eaten cookies and carrots. I love remembering each and every present being opened by myself and each and every one of my siblings. I love remembering the special attention that I got when it was my turn to open a present. I love remembering spritz cookies, candy cane cookies, shrimp and scallops, and Christmas Eve presents.

I love remembering being in on "The Secret".

I love helping to spread the excitement of "The Secret", I love knowing that this season IS very special, I love getting excited for Leah, I love the gratitude and the service, I love the sparkle in her eyes when she talk about it all, I love the tears that well up thinking about the magic of all of this for her, I love passing on our traditions, I love the anticipation.

I love my Savior and the atmosphere that this season creates, all because of Him.

This is all brought to the forefront of my mind because of Her Excitement.


Katy said...

And I Love your blog! It really helped me remember the true meaning of this season and that I should be enjoying this holiday time instead of being a scrooge :)

Sarah said...

What a sweet girl! It really is tons more fun being in on the secret and making the day magical for the kids you love most. This was a great post! Thanks for reminding me what it's all about.

Snell Family said...

Christmas morning I get the same feeling I did when I was little and I think it's because you see how excited your kids are and you're excited with them. I love all the feelings and excitement that come with the holidays.

Amber said...

I have been a Scrooge as well and needed the reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, thanks!I can't for Conner to get excited about Christmas and to teach him the true meaning!

Tanah said...

I love it too! Isn't it nice to have a reminder how great life is?

In answer to your question on my post. Yes, Alix Low is in YW now! I love that family and can't wait to work with her. Hopefully we can get her out of her shell :) Mykell Hall just "graduated" too so we get them both. Fun huh?

There's a few older girls but I'm not sure you would have known them. Candace Wilson, Katie Harper and Katie Ruppe (she's new).

Tracy said...

I love this post. I often remind myself of the seemingly insignificant things from my childhood that stuck for some reason and are the most special things to me. It makes me realize that the tiniest things can be hugely special to my kids. It's amazing how magical everything is through the eyes of a child.

The Estes Family said...

You're Pregnant!!! Congratulations..... I need to stay better updated. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, i don't know how you found it but i am so excited that you did. do you know your babies name yet? when are you due? I love what you said today, you're a lot better at blogging than me but i'm just starting, you've given me something to shoot for. We miss you guys too. I don't have your number but mine has changed again. It's 208-691-8538 I'd love to chat. and i'd like to see you while i'm in utah if it works out i remember how hectic it is. let me know. love you guys and miss you tons, i think about you a lot.