Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We loved October and here's why...

We enjoyed a visit from these cute girls that we just don't see enough.

Leah decided to have her own baby.

The annual tradition of McGee Corn Maze night continued on...

complete with traditional Light Saber Wars.

Tradition #2: Costume Party. This is the third year for that this has taken place with some of our friends and we love it. Apparently though, this year the parents were feeling a little underwhelmed at the idea of costumes so we only made costumes mandatory for the kids.

Tradition #3 (JUST KIDDING, MATT, although it's not a bad idea): I had the awesome opportunity to see the Broadway musical "Wicked" with some of the girls from my ward. We drove to Denver for this and it was totally worth it. I don't know why I only have three pictures of the entire trip, I'm certain I carried my camera around the entire time. I don't even have one of the whole group!
"Wicked" was everything that I could have hoped for, plus phenomenal costumes and INCREDIBLE seats at the theater. Do you like the silver shoes? Shona bought them especially for this event. (I'm really sorry that Holly and Mel B. didn't make it into these pictures, rest assured, it wouldn't have been the same trip without them.)

Leah had a special day at preschool, complete with costumes and lots of candy.

This was our Halloween Eve. We carved pumpkins and went to Olive Garden for dinner. I feel another tradition in the making with this one.

Our Halloween was really great. Leah was a fairy ballerina complete with super curly hair, sparkles, and wings. She looked SO cute! After trick-or-treating we ended up at some friend's hot dog roast for the night, which was a blast. Thanks Rolens and Hansens!

And the real Tradition #3: Although this always takes place in November, it's a Halloween tradition. The first Sunday of the month is McGee family dinner. Since not all of the cousins (and grandparents and aunts and uncles) get to see the costumes on Halloween, we've instated the November Halloween Pot Luck Dinner. Everyone brings a Halloween themed potluck item and all the cousins show up in their costumes. It's a lot of fun, and we really need to find a way to get our Idaho cousins down for the tradition one of these years.


Snell Family said...

It looks like October was busy but fun!

Now if only giving birth were as easy as lifting up our shirts!

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

I love that curly hair on Leah! So cute!

merathon said...

wow, you guys sure go ALL OUT for that dinner! those dishes looked fabulous... and spooky! (my girls would have loved those!)

those curls on leah are to die for! did she just LOVE them?

The Dahle Family said...

Wow, you drove all the way out here to see Wicked? We went for my 30th birthday and absolutely loved it, too. What if we were there on the same night? We went on the 14th and it sounds like you went closer to Halloween. And it was a great Halloween show.

Lindsay Quinney said...

Those foods at your potluck look so fun! And I absolutely love Leah's curly hair!

Sarah said...

That is so fun that you got to go on a road trip with your friends to see Wicked! I'd make that a tradition! :)
Leah's costume is adorable. I LOVE her curls!

Hansen Family Blog said...

I was really glad we got a chance to sit and chat for a bit. It was really fun just sittin around the fire:)