Thursday, October 1, 2009


Leah has quite the imagination. For the last year or so she has entertained herself with very little. Not because she doesn't have access to the thousand or so toys that are stashed around the house, but because she doesn't need them. All this girl needs is an idea and she'll take off with it for days, weeks, or months even.

This afternoon as I was taking Leah up to her room for a nap, I noticed that she wouldn't hold my hand as we walked up the stairs. This is highly unusual. I asked her if she wanted to hold my hand. Leah moved an invisible something from one hand to the other and replied, "Okay, I'll just hold the kitty in my other hand. Meow, meow, meow."We've often found many stuffed animals or random toys (including magnifying glass, a boat, blankets, crayons, books, etc.) on time-out. The time-out goes something like this, "You go sit on time-out. That was a bad choice."

Leah is definitely going through imaginary friend stage as well. At first Leah imagined that her cousins were with her. We've been through almost all of her cousins from the oldest to the youngest. The most recurring cousins seem to be the ones her age: Mckenzie, Zach, Fisher and Lucy. Most of the time Imaginary Cousin and Leah play nice, but I will see some time-outs given occasionally. Lately though, we've moved on to non-cousin imaginary friend. Her name is Mary. I don't know where that came from, but she seems happy and content to play with Mary at home and then go to Preschool and Nursery and see her other friends. I've never seen real life and imaginary overlap.

These few instances do not even tip the scale of what makes Leah tick these days. She's developing so much personality (some great, some challenging) and confidence. Last night a complete stranger, to Leah, came in the house and she struck up a conversation and even played some fun chasing game with him. I think potty training and preschool were just what she needed to feel a little more comfortable in her own skin.


Sarah said...

That's really cute. Leah makes me want to have a girl (and I've always considered myself a boy mom). She's really sweet! I'm glad she's feeling more relaxed around new people these days.
Benjamin's real "imaginary friend" is Mary Joyce, who goes to nursery with him. I'm pretty sure they've never shared more than two words in their entire lives, but he considers her to be his best friend and wants to marry her. Funny kids.

Lindsay Quinney said...

That girl cracks me up!

Cher & Ad said...

Hey Mel! Your little girl sounds like such a cutie. I hope all is going well for you and the el-pregnancy dos :)
--Cheri (vreeken) Hansen

Hollie said...

So cute and what a fun age! I love when they use their imaginations.