Thursday, September 10, 2009


So far this pregnancy has been a cake walk compared to when I was pregnant with Leah. I'm feeling much better now that I'm in my second trimester (just hit 14 weeks). This is a surprise to me, because when I was pregnant with Leah my second trimester happened to be when I was the most sick. I'm just counting my blessings that I felt much worse during the first trimester and am hoping for clear skies, as far as the nausea clouds go, for the rest of the pregnancy.

Matt and I are really excited for this baby. Leah is REALLY excited for this baby. She's been very excited to hear the baby's heartbeat and even makes this cute whooshing sound when she is asked what it sounds like. I think she's actually happy to have a baby around. Leah has always been so good around babies and so interested in them. Not that I expect all to be perfect when the baby comes, I'm sure there will be some adjustment period, but I think Leah has a great personality to deal with this huge change that's coming up.

So, my next appointment is September 16 (happy birthday Grandma!) and then just 4 short weeks after that, we'll be able to have the big 20 week ultrasound! I'm really hoping for a girl. This baby is due March 7, Leah's birthday is April 16... think of all the money saved on clothes! Please hope for a girl with me... please, please, please.

Thanks for all your well wishes! Things are going great around the Quinney Household.


Busty LaRue said...

Congrats! That is so awesome! :D

Katy said...

let me be... not even close to the first... to tell you CONGRATS! Seriously, we are thrilled for you and Matt and LEah! It is so fun to add to a family. I will cross my fingers for you that it is another girl. We know where you are coming from there!
We love you!

Tracy said...

Yeah, the girl thing would be awesome money-wise. Somehow I've managed to avoid that financial blessing myself between genders and years in between and opposite seasons...seriously 5 kids later and I'm just discovering the beauty of hand-me-downs while they're still in style. That said, a boy would be so much FUN! Yes, I'm certainly partial...and the fact that this pregnancy feels so different could be an indicator of someone unpink...I'm just sayin. :) I'll still hope for pink for you and in the event that she's a he, he's always welcome at Aunt Tracy's who by then will need to get her hands on a little guy again.

Sarah said...

I'm with Tracy...I kind of hope you have a boy because they're so much fun! But for practicality's sake, I'll hope for a girl with you. Glad the nausea has decided to ease up!

Nicole said...

I will hope for a girl for financial sake, however, boy works next in the grandkids pattern. That is only assuming that Zach is right and we are getting one of each. I am so ready for that ultrasound!

Mirien said...

I finally got 2 consecutive girls born in the same month--perfect, right? Not so far, because they are 4 years apart and I gave everything away before little Hayley came along! Can't wait to hear which you're having!

Karen said...

During Austin's ultrasound, we were told he was a she. Kristi's bday in March; this new little girl in April -- perfect! While laying on the ultrasound table, I seriously planned her entire life out, complete with being in Kristi's hand-me-downs at every phase. Then came the phrase at the end, "Oh, I think I see a little something . . ."

Either way it will be GREAT! And Austin turned out okay despite the pink clothes, haha. Glad you're feeling well!

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

I didn't know you were pregnant! Congratulations you guys, and I hope you continue to feel alright. This is so exciting! Leah will be a great big sister to either a girl or a boy, right? :)